PJ Wanderscheid

Age: 32
Hometown: Sauk Centre, MN
Marital Status: Married - Wife Jeni
Occupation: Online Sales Mgr. at Country Cat an Arctic Cat Dealer
Other Interests: Motocross, golf, knee boarding
Favorite Type of Music: Rock mostly and some pop and country.
Favorite Band: Godsmack and Buckcherry
Favorite Movie: Days of Thunder
Favorite Snowmobile DVDs: Slednecks
Racing Disciplines: Snowmobile Ice Oval
Racing Sponsors: AMSOIL, Arctic Cat,, Millennuim Technologies, V-Force Reeds, Camoplast, Country Cat, Drift Racing, Woody's, Carlisle Belts, Fox Racing Shox, Micro Belmont, Webtomix, Trackside Performance, Dan Welle Southtown Chevrolet, Visual Advantage Graphics, Skinz Protective Gear, Minnesota National Bank, Hooper Race Engines, and Sno Skinz.
Time with Team Arctic: 17 years
Race Circuits: WSA Extreme Ice Oval, USSA Ice Oval & Canadian Power Toboggan Championships
Favorite Racetrack: AMSOIL Eagle River Derby Track
Favorite Track Memory: I have many but the most special has to be each of my 4 world championships. It has still not sunk in to this day what we have won by winning the world championships.
Racing Snowmobile Model: Custom-built Arctic Cat Race Sled
Personal Snowmobile Model: 2015 M800 Sno Pro
Recreational Snowmobiling: Minnesota Trails and Ditches, Wyoming Mountains
Snowmobile DVD Appearances: I have been on the Arctic Cat promotional video and a few others.

Web Site: or

How and when did you start racing? I started racing ovals when I was 14. My brothers own an Arctic Cat dealership so I was always around race sleds and was drawn to the sport from being around racing.

Racing Accomplishments: 1999: WSA Junior Driver to Watch, WSA Junior 14/15 Points Champion, 3 sport feature wins; 2000: tied for most sport wins in WSA for the year, 2 semi-pro feature wins; 2001; WSA Points Champion, Semi-Pro 440, Semi-Pro 600, Semi-Pro Champ 440, Semi-Pro 440 Fan; 2002: Eagle River World Champion, WSA Pro 440 Points Champion, WSA Pro Open Points Champion; 2003: Eagle River World Champion, WSA Pro Open Points Champion, WSA Pro Champ 440 Points Champion, WSA Pro Overall Points Champion, SnowWeek Racer of the Year, Woody's Triple Crown winner; 2004: Runner-Up Eagle River World Championship, 2nd Pro Champ 440 year end points, 3rd Pro Open 600 year end points, Winner Eagle River Formula Shootout, Winner Eagle River Pro Open; 2005: 1st Pro Champ 440 year end points, 3rd Pro Open 600 year end points; 2006: Eagle River World Champion, WSA Pro Open Points Champion, WSA Pro Champ 440 Points Champion, WSA Pro Overall Points Champion, Millennium Technologies & V-force's 4 Race / Ice Oval Challenge Runner Up; 2007: USSA Pro Open Points Champion; 2008: WSA Pro Champ 440 Points Champion and WSA Pro Open Points Champion; 2009: WSA Pro Champ Points Champion and WSA Pro Champion; 2010: Canadian Power Toboggan Championships Champion, Central Wisconsin Triple Crown Winner, ORA High Point Driver and Eagle River World Championships Runner-Up; 2011: U.S. Nationals Champ 440 Winner, Canadian Power Toboggan Championships Winner, Wausau 525 Champ 440 Champion, Eagle River World Champion, ORA Champ 440 year end points winner, ORA Pro Open year end points winner; 2012: 2012 TLR Cup Winner.

How do you feel about the progression of snowmobile racing and its future? The machines have progressed so much in the past years that it has changed the sport itself. Machines from 10 years ago are already outdated, it is fun to work in an industry with so many new advances in technologies. Special Thanks: I have been very fortunate to get to the level I am at. I want to take a moment and thank the people who have helped me get this far. My parents, my brothers Dave, Mark, and Brian, and my wife, Jeni. Jim Determan, Butch VonWalde, Todd Kemper, Brian Kuhlmann, Dan Merten, Steve Thorsen, Jeremy Kerzman, Dave Ostendorf and John Hooper. I hope someday to make it into the Snowmobile racing hall of fame.


We will only be racing the Eagle River World Championship this year   -   January 14 - 17, 2016


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